Friday, March 5, 2010


Despite the fact that most of the terrorists involved in the horrendous and mindbogling 9/11 terrorist attacks were of Arab Origin, the developments afterwords have been a tragic testimony to the fact that it was the Pashtun nation which suffered most. They were between two fires since Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. Pashtun culture, national identity, way of life, customs and traditions were under attack by bearded-Turbaned-illiterate Talibans and the US-Trained Clean-shaved Pakistani Generals with Talibans mind-set, heading the military establishment in Pakistan. Both these two enemies of the the Pashtun race are responsible for the destruction of the true traditions of Pashtuns. These two mercenaries are bent upon killing, torturing and humiliating Pashtuns not only in Afghanistan but now in the whole of Pakistan.

Both are receiving money from different sources including Saudi Arabia to work as proxy to impose the strict Wahabist ideology on the followers of Bacha Khan the epitome of non-violence and peace. In the land of the Pak, pashtun nation has been subjected to humiliating and un-dignified treatment from Peshawar to Karachi by the civil and military apparatus. Today, Pashtuns are under siege by Talibans, who are bombing, killing, abducting, and torturing innocent Pashtuns. while on the other hand the Pakistani police and military is traumatising them with the same tactics by daily searches, arrests without warrants, in-human treatment in police and secret agencies custody, extra-judicial killings, abductions without judicial process, and torture on the pretex of being Talibans. It is on record now that the Attorney General of Pakistan has told the Supreme court of Pakistan on the disappeared persons case headed by Justice Javed Iqbal that the military and civilian intelligence agencies are not co-operating with the civilian government for the release of those disappeared persons. Which means that there is no rule of law and supremacy of the constitution in Pakistan and the secret intelligence agencies are abducting innocent people with impunity. According to reports by different Human Rights Organisations about 10000 civilian have disappeared in Pakistan since 2001. It is also a well known fact that it was due to the taking up of the missing persons case by the SUPREME COURT of Pakistan that the military controlled secret agencies like ISI and MI started a concerted campaign to force President Musharaf to impose second Martial Law against his own government just to remove the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry and his collegues in the Supreme Court. Pak military is providing all financial, logistical assitance, training and sanctuaries to Talibans to be used as fodder in the war on terror against US and Allied forces in Afghanistan, while in Pakistan the same military is involved in the killing and genocide of the innocent pashtuns in FATA and Pakhtunkhwa. One cannot grasp the depth of the hypocrisy of the Pakistani military establishment, bent upon playing double game both with USA and Pashtun Nation.

Pashtuns are harassed daily by conducting each and every mile police and military searches in Pakhtunkhwa. They do not discriminate between women, old ones and patients who need urgent medical treatment. If some educated Pashtun raise a voice against this discrimination and harassment he is made an example for others by publicly beating, by arresting and torturing on the pretext of so-called war on terror. There are hundreds of complains filed by professors, students and doctors who have been meted out this humiliating treatment. In Punjab and particularly in Sindh Pashtuns are in very horrible conditions. They are threatened by the gangsters of Muttahida Qaumi Movement and other Sindhi nationalist organisations to leave Sindh and Karachi. Their businesses and transport is not safe. Their shops and buses are burnt in Karachi and looted and burnt in Interior Sindh by Criminal gangsters with the assistance of Police. They are not issued Domicile and Identity Cards. Written instructions are displayed at the offices of the NADRA in Karachi for Pashtuns not to come for the Domicile and ID Cards. Pashtun students are denied admissions in different colleges and universities of Pakistan. In a concerted secret policy, Pashtuns are marginalised and prohibited to enter civil service in other parts of Pakistan.

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