Friday, March 5, 2010


I was appalled to see the brutality of Punjab Police denuding, lashing and torturing 7 persons including boys as young as 14 years old in broad day light in front of cameras in Chiniot District. The scene of this brutality reminds me of Talibans of Swat when they were beating a young women in front of a crowed. The only difference between the two scenes was that at Swat the Talibans were wearing ordinary clothes and turbans on their heads while in Chiniot, the Punjabi Talibans were in the Police Uniforms. The Punjabi Police Talibans were even more brutal than Swati Talibans. The lashing was even harsher and was conducted professionally to exert maximum pain on the victims.

The whole Pakistani nation rose against the torture of a women by Talibans fanatics in Swat last year and rightly so. Pak Army took the role of Muhammed Bin Qasim and saved the Swati people from the brutalities of Talibans. I do not know what happened with that poor girl who was the victim of Taliban brutality. We do not know whether she was provided justice or not? We do not know whether the Talib who was lashing the women is punished for that crime? No such thing has happened. Of course, on contrary the Pakistani army killed more civilians in that operation Rah-e-Nijat or Rah-e-Rast in South Waziristan which is proved beyond doubt by the un-earthing of mass graves and the dead bodies of innocent people appearing now and then in different parts of the country speak volumes of the atrocities committed by rogue Pak Army. More than 3 million people from Swat and adjoining areas were made refugees in their own country. The homes, schools, hospitals and all infra-structure was destroyed not by Talibans but Pakistan Army. Still people are waiting for restoration of basic services but uniformed fanatics who are expert in destruction are not capable enough to provide the poor Swati some kind of relief. But the naive people of Swat supported it as lesser evil than the bigger one.

Is it not a right time for the nation of the Pak to raise voice against these uniformed police Talibans and take them to justice. This type of torture is customary in Punjab and it has been happening with impunity since the so-called independence of Pakistan in 1947. I personally believe that Punjab is completely Talibanised. Punjabi Talibans whether in police or army uniforms are involved in abductions, tortures and killings of civilians. The time is ripe for another military operation in Punjab with the name RAH-E-HAQ. This name should not be mis-interpreted with Zia- ul-Haq. But one way or another he was responsible for the Talibanisation of Pakistan. I do not know who is capable to conduct this operation RAH-E-HAQ? Only Judiciary seems to be in the right position to start this operation and it has already played its first round in which it was forced to take a strategic retreat in 2007 when the famous Commando General Pervez Musharaf wrapped up the whole judiciary and imposed a unique Emergency on its own government. Judiciary under the leadership of Chaudri Iftikhar Ahmad had to go to the court of general public to return to its present position of strength and esteem. I hope all the so-called Human Rights groups and organisations will support Supreme court to take sue moto action against these rogue elements in police, army and other institutions of civil bureaucracy. If at this critical moment the Judiciary of Pakistan failed, then United States and its Allies in Afghanistan will have every right to come to the resuce of the people of Pakistan from these fanatics in Uniforms.

The reason for the removal of the Judges last time was also due to the INTERVENTION OF THE JUDICIARY IN THE MISSING PERSONS CASE for which by and large the military was and is responsible and even now the military establishment is trying to malign the image of the judiciary in a co-ordinated manner through journalists on the pay-rolls of military establishment. Even today Pak Military Establishment is planning to wrap up the judiciary to stop it from the present judicial activism which is expected to be turning towards military generals whether retired or in-service in the near future.

I have simple question, is there any plan under consideration to launch a military operation on the same pattern and scale against these Punjabi Talibans whether in ordinary traditional clothes and turbans in MURIDKEY and southern Punjab or in unifroms in police stations and army barracks. While the Talibans in Swat or FATA are a problem , the clean-shaved Talibans in Pak military uniforms are the source of the problem and if West is interested to root-out the source of terrorism and extremism in Pakistan and Afghanistan, they should look towards Punjab rather than wasting time in Swat or FATA. All the patrons and leaders of Talibans are in Punjab.

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