Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The killing of 63 innocent civilians by Pakistani fighters jets in the Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency has exposed the brutalities of the Pakistan Army in the tribal areas once again. Earlier, it was claimed by the army that they have killed some 35 terrorists in their on-going campaign against Talibans. But, the army claims were exposed because the families of In-service army personnel were killed. So, in humiliation the Army chief has to offer his apology and regret at the incident to the Afridi Tribe of Kuki Khel. But, in reality, Pakistan Army is killing innocent civilians on daily basis. Genocide of Pashtun is under-way both by Pakistan Army and Talibans. Both are enemies number one of Pashtun Nation.
The United States and European Union have adopted a criminally permissive attitude on these crimes committed by Pakistan army and Talibans. It is the responsibility of the International community to send fact finding missions to see the level of atrocities committed and the missing persons who have been abducted by army and have been simply disappeared. The reason, FATA reforms were not materialized in the 18 constitutional Amendment, that if Judiciary would have been allowed to exercise its jurisdiction in FATA, then the brutalities and merciless killing of innocent Tribesmen would have been exposed. The courts could have taken Sue-Moto notice of the situation in FATA and the responsible army officers who are heading the operations in FATA would have been brought to justice. But, alas, no body is listening to the cries of the Pashtuns tribesmen.

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